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The RaZberry turns every Raspberry Pi into a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway. The bundle of hardware and precompiled Z-Wave wireless network management software waits to be completed by your own user interface running in a web browser or a mobile phone.

The Z-Wave software offers an easy to understand and easy to use interface applying the well-known JavaScript interface technology JSON on a built in web server. Writing your own home automation app was never easier and never more affordable.


Access the Gateway locally and remotely!


Whenever you access again and a local RaZberry is found, clicking on the IP address will lead you right to your Smart Home User Interface.


Various User Interfaces of RaZberry


When going to http://YOURIP:8083 you will see a selection menu to choose the web based UI you like to work with.


The Z-Wave Expert UI


The Z-Wave Expert User Interface is designed for installers, technically savvy people and other users that know how to build and maintain a Z-Wave based wireless network.


Z-Way Home Automation UI


Z-Way Home Automation UI is for all the virtual devices, aside from Z-Wave devices, it also supports other third party devices.


iOS/Android/Blackberry Native Apps

Just visit the Google App store or the iOS app store for native apps with the name “Z-Way”

  “Z-Way” in Apple Store.

    “Z-Way” in Google App Store.


  • Compatible with old Raspberry Pi Model B as well as with new Model B+
  • Can work with around 500 devices on the market, including switches, sensors, meters, door locks, thermostats, IP cameras, ect.
  • Support Apple HomeKit
  • Pass Z-Wave Plus Certification
  • Support remote upgrade, backup and restore the system
  • Base on Google JS Engine V8 (used in Google Chrome Browser)
  • Very solid programming environment, all scripts are open source
  • Home automation modules implement the intelligence of the system
  • HTTP REST API: allow other devices of different protocol to access Z-Way, vice versa
  • Highly secured communication
  • Easy to use interfaces




  •         0.79″ x 1.57″, 20mm x 40mm



  •        Sigma Designs ZM5202 Z-Wave Transceiver Module (5th generation Z-Wave module),
  •        An external 32 K SPI flash for network data
  •        PCBA Antenna for 868 MHz (EU frequency)
  •        Connects directly to Raspberry PI GPIO connector


  •        Based on Reference design from Sigma Designs
  •        Enhanced functions such as

o Backup and recovery function including network topology
o Extended Node Information Frame (up to 35 Command Classes)
o Optimized transmitting queue handling to speed up transmitting process
o Firmware update from the Raspberry PI OS level in the field
o Extended Wakeup Notification
o Handling to extend battery life time of battery operated devices in the network
o Watch Dog function



  •        Certified Z-Wave Middleware written in C (Z-Wave Alliance Certification Number ZC10-14110009)
  •        Full Z-Wave based Smart Home Gateway

o Network management (Include, Exclude, Reorganize)
o Device interview and configuration
o Management of direct associations between devices
o Sensor access and polling
o Operating actors and access actors status
o Automation engine with rules, scripts and timers with scripts in JavaScript
o Job queue management

  •        Tested against Raspbian "wheezy" OS (both hard float and soft float) and OpenElecOS
  •        Implements Z-Wave Network controller based on SDK 6.51 or 4.54


  •         Offers a native C level API plus web based JSON API
  •         Local scripting based on Google Java Script Engine V8
  •         Optimized data subscription model to minimize data traffic over the net
  •         Localization based on XML language files
  •         Utilizes the Pepper One Z-Wave device data base or user friendly configuration and association handling 




Come to the official site and the official forum of RaZberry if you have any further questions.


Sample Code


 Note: *Raspberry Pi and its corresponding SD Card and Power source are not included in the package.

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RaZberry Z-Wave

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