GrovePi+ for Raspberry Model B / B+ / RPi2

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GrovePi+ is a system that brings Grove sensors to the Raspberry Pi.  
There are over 2 million Raspberry Pi in the wild and people are using it for some awesome projects.  From teaching kids to code to cluster computing, the Raspberry Pi is taking over the computing world.  We believe combining the power of code with easy to use sensors and devices will be revolutionary.
We brought Grove and Raspberry Pi together in a simple and affordable way. Grove sensors allow you to interact and monitor the world. Raspberry Pi lets you store and process data, and bring the real world to the Raspberry Pi and the web.  
The GrovePi brings both Grove Sensors and the popular Raspberry Pi together in a simple, elegant, and open source design.  
How Does it Work?
The GrovePi board slips over the Raspberry Pi.  Connect the Grove Sensors to the GrovePi board.  Upload your program.  Begin taking in the worlds data!
There’s room on the board for additional power if you need it.  
Getting Started
Getting started is easy. Check out our Getting Started With GrovePi Guide here
We have an extensive library that covers most Grove sensors. You can find it on our Github repo here.  You won’t need to hack much at all with our library: get started coding in Python and C now! 
Want to use a sensor not in the library yet?  Ask us in the forums.  Want to use the GrovePi in a language not currently supported? Ask and we will help.
Programming the GrovePi
The GrovePi can be programmed in Python and C on the Raspberry Pi.  Simply start with one of our example projects or example code.  
The GrovePi uses an Arduino to interface between the Raspberry Pi and the Grove Sensors, and comes programmed with a standard firmware.  The firmware can be rewritten from the Raspberry Pi.  
Getting Help
Getting Ideas
Getting Into It
Want to hack it open or make your own from scratch?  We have an open source repository right here. With full hardware and software designs, you can remix and duplicate to your hearts content.

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