Aalekh D. 24/03/2016

Timely Delivery in good manner ann good after sales service

Raghu K. 14/11/2015


The item is not working as a described. I plan to call on Monday to discuss more..It is a touch screen as described but the screen does not recognize any touch inputs...Would like to discuss on a call soon. Thanks

QUARK 10/11/2015

I had RPI-B,running open-elec this display nicely compliments my A/V system.happy with the product.now with just of touch i can launch music/internet music/YOU-TUBE that open-elec has.no issues so far after over 2 month of use.

Sridhar K. 02/11/2015

Service is really good. But could you please let me know how to test the touch screen. Display is working.

Ajay B. 11/10/2015

Some points regarding the screen...
-800x600 works well on it and raspbian is properly usable.
-Works best with powered usb hub.(or power data splitter)
-The usb is for both touch and power for the screen(would have loved to have the two separate)
-The front of the screen could have been better as the capacitive touch wiring seems like it might get damaged easily
-The screen doesnt have anything for attaching raspberry pi to so need to build a good case.