Grove - Relay


Grove - Relay The Relay is a digital normally open switch that controls a relay capable of switching much higher voltages and currents than your normal Arduino boards. When set to HIGH, the LED w..


Relay Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi


Relay Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi ESCUDO is a new Expansion board compatible for both Raspberry PI Model B+ and PI-2 with rich IO features. ESCUDO-EMX1 can be integrated with other embedded bo..


Home Automation - WiFi enabled CrazySwitch


CrazySwitch – WiFi enabled Home Automation A WiFi enabled Relay coupled with Raspberry Pi enables to operate Lights/any other appliances using mobile phone from anywhere  any-time. Home a..

Raspberry Pi 8-ch Relay Expansion Board


Raspberry Pi Expansion Board, 8-ch RelaysOverviewThe RPi Relay Board (B) is an expansion board with 8-ch relays for Raspberry Pi. It gives your Pi the ability to control high voltage products such as ..

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