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ThinBook, an Ultra Slim Laptop with 14.1" HD Display

(With Windows 10 Home License)

At Just Less than 20mm ThinBook is India's First & Only Affordable Ultra Slim Laptop with 14.1" HD Display at an Incredible 4 Digit Price, Itz Perfect Blend of Sleek & Matty Finish of Ebony Black Color on the Areas Required made this 1.5 Kg Innovation more Desirable - Conclusion of its Horizontal Cone Design Just Speak its Elegance Silently !!!

Awesome Technical Specs for Everyday Usage

ThinBook is Powered by Intel Quad Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC (Expandable upto 128GB thru External microSD Card) & Intel HD Graphics, easily viable to do Multitasking by switching to different applications. Graphics are provided by an integrated Intel HD graphics and the system also includes a web camera and connectivity is supported by Bluetooth 4.0 and integrated 802.11 /b/g/n.

 ThinBook Techincal Features

Do Things Faster with Wide Range of I/O Ports

1) Power In   2) USB 3.0 (10 x Faster than USB 2.0)   3) Mini HDMI   4) microSD Card Slot   5) Earphone jack   6) USB 2.0

Intuitive TouchPad with Windows 10 based Smart Gestures || Length : 105 mm, Height : 76mm

Single Click To Select an item or Double Click to open Selected File or Image

Scroll Use two fingers to scroll up and down or across a page perfect for long document and large images

Swipe with three fingers to move forward and back in your web browser or move through your photos

Long Lasting Battery Backup

ThinBook 10,000 mAh Li - Polymer || Battery enables you to use 8.5 Hours of non-stop usage, will make us productive without running out of power wherever you go.

Warranty & Support

ThinBook Carries 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase. The Power adapter and other Accessories which comes along with ThinBook has 90 Days Warranty from the date of purchase.

      040 4816 1111


Technical Specifications

Model Name ThinBook 1430b
Display 14.1" 
Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 Pixels
Processor Intel® 1.84 GHz Quad Core Processor (x5-Z8300)  
Storage 32GB (upto 128GB is through microSD Card Slot)
GPU Intel HD Graphics 12 Core
Default OS Windows 10 Genuine (32Bit)
Bluetooth Yes ( BT 4.0)
Wi-FI Yes (802.11 b/g/n)
Camera Front facing VGA Camera
I/O 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0,  1 x Mini HDMI, 1 x microSD Card Slot & Power In
Audio input Built-in microphone
Audio Output 3.5mm Earphone & Built-in Speakers
Battery Li-ion battery 10,000mAh
Power Adapter 12V / 2.5A
Dimension 351 (L) mm x 233 (W) mm x 20 (H) mm
Weight 1.5 KGs
Warranty 1 Year
MTBF 1,80,000 Hours



Parameters Answers
Which Operating Systems ThinBook Supports: Windows 10 32 bit Home & Windows 10 32 bit Pro.
What is the Procedure to Install Windows 10 Operating System? (If you have Purchased a FreeDOS Model or When your OS got Corrupted) (Buy a Genuine Copy of Windows from the Nearest Microsoft Reseller and Follow either of the options)

Option 1: Thru a Windows Bootable CD (with External CD/DVD Drive)
Option2: Thru a Bootable Pen Drive
How to Install Drivers in Windows 10? Please Get a Copy of ThinBook Windows 10 Drivers from (Drivers CD Shipped Along with the Laptop (or) Download from

Once you get the Drivers, Just Double Click on 'Install.bat' and follow the Step by Step Process.
What is the Option to Enter BIOS? Once you Power ON the Laptop, Immediately Press the ESC Key to get in to BIOS.
Can I Install Linux in ThinBook ? No
Can I Install Windows 7 in ThinBook? No
Can I Install Windows 8/8.1 in ThinBook? No
InBuilt Bluetooth is There or Not ? Yes
What Peripherals Can I Connect Using Bluetooth: You Can Connect Any Bluetooth Enabled Devices (Ex: Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Speakers, Etc)
ThinBook Windows 10 Operating System has any Limitations against Desktop/Laptop Windows 10 Operating System ? Absolutely no limitation in Thinbook Windows 10 & Normal Desktop/Laptop Windows 10 Operating System.
- You Can Install/Use Like any Other Windows Operating System.

Note: ThinBook Comes with Windows 10 Home Edition
Can I Connect LCD/LED Projector to ThinBook? Yes, thru Mini HDMI Port ( You Need Necessary Cable)
Can I Connect Wireless Printer to ThinBook? - Yes (Printer also must have Wireless Connectivity Feature)
- Even you can Connect Bluetooth KB n Mice Also
Can I Connect External Keyboard and Mice? Yes (thru USB Ports or Wireless KB n Mouse)
Can I connect USB Scanner to ThinBook? Yes
How much Distance does the ThinBook Wifi Access Receives? Depends on your Wifi Access Point Range
Does it have inbuilt Wi-Fi Hotspot? No
Does the warranty applicable if any physical damages occurs? No
How can we expect support if any drivers corrupted in the operating system? Do they available in your website? Yes, you can download from our website:
What is the Best practice to copy Heavy data from Pendrive/USB HDD to ThinBook or Vice Versa Connect the Pendrive/USB SSD/USB HDD to the Left side of the ThinBook USB3.0 Port (use USB3.0 instead of USB 2.0)
How can i approach you for warranty and service? Please Walk in to any of the RDP Support Centres Across India.
List of Support Centers:
What is the Wireless Specification (Wi-Fi) in ThinBook? IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Can I Play 1080p HD, 4K Videos in Youtube in ThinBook Yes
How is the Refresh Rate of ThinBook? Excellent
How is the Experience of Web Navigation? Excellent
What Capacities of microSD Cards Does ThinBook Supports? 32GB / 64GB / 128GB microSD Cards are Supported.
What Resolutions ThinBook Supports? 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1366x768
Does ThinBook Becomes Heat while working? No
What is the FSB of 2GB DDR3L RAM? 1333 MHz, Dual Channel Memory
What is the Read and Write Speed of 32 GB eMMC? It will read 250MB/sec and write 90MB/sec
Can I upgrade the RAM from 2GB to higher? No
Can I Connect External DVD Writer to ThinBook and Do All the Writer Functionalities ? Yes
Can I Connect USB Speakers to ThinBook? Yes
Can I connect my smartphone to ThinBook through USB/Bluetooth & can I read the data of my mobile phone ? Yes
Does any antivirus software is provided with the windows 10 Model ? Yes, Windows 10 Defender
Can I use Skype, Facebook or any other social media applications in ThinBook? Yes
What is the Power consumption of ThinBook? 12.5 W
Which media players works effectively in this ThinBook? All Media Players will Works fine..
Can I Connect USB to LAN converter cable & use ThinBook in wired LAN environments Yes
Does Team viewer & Ammy admin works in ThinBook? Yes
What is the Performance of Photoshop in ThinBook? Good
Is there any Built in Administrator account in Windows 10 home of ThinBook ? Yes
How much space occupies for Windows 10 OS? 11 GB
How much Storage Space is Required for Installing MS Office (Ver 2007) Roughly 1.7 GB
Can I Use ThinBook with Genuine Windows 10 Home in Commercial Establishments ? Yes, Microsoft Will not Object to use ThinBook Shipped with Genuine 
Windows 10 in your Office/Commercial Establishments.
Can I do Skype Video Sessions thru Internal Camera of ThinBook? Yes
How much time it will take for Full Charging for ThinBook Battery? 5 Hrs
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RDP ThinBook (Intel 1.84 GHz Quad Core / 2GB RAM / 32GB Storage) 14.1" HD Screen Laptop - Windows 10 Home

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