10.5inch Capacitive Touch AMOLED, HDMI, 2560×1600 2K Resolution, Fully Laminated

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10.5inch Capacitive Touch AMOLED, HDMI Port, 2560×1600 2K Resolution, Fully Laminated Toughened Glass Panel
10.5″ 2K Touch AMOLED

  • Size10.5″
  • Resolution2560×1600
  • Display PortHDMI
  • Display PanelAMOLED
  • Viewing Angle160°
  • Touch TypeCapacitive
  • Touch Points10-Points
  • Touch PortUSB-C
  • Touch PanelToughened Glass
  • Touch Panel TechFully Laminated
  • SoundHi-Fi Speaker
  • Audio Output3.5mm Jack
  • EnclosureCNC Process Alloy
  • VESA Wall Mount75 × 75mm
Device & System Support

Raspberry Pi
Supports Raspberry Pi OS, 10-points touch, driver free
Supports Ubuntu / Kali, single point touch, driver free

Supports Raspberry Pi 4B / CM4, or more powerful future versions*

* enough GPU performance is required to drive this 2K display

Jetson Nano
Supports Ubuntu, single point touch, driver free
Supports Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, 10-points touch, driver free
Connection Examples

Working With Raspberry Pi 4

Working With AI Computer Jetson Nano

Working With Mini PC

Display Panel


2K High Resolution

2560×1600 High Resolution, Represents Distinct & Ddetailed Picture

Rendering The Real Sight

100% Adobe RGB, 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut,
Rendering More Colors, Bringing More Immersive Movie Experience

AMOLED Active Light-Emitting Screen

The Next-Generation Display Technology, 4.09M Active Light-Emitting Pixels

Compared to those traditional LCD displays, the AMOLED screen features precise light-control capability, representing more delicate colors, more picture details, and more vivid video image

High Contrast, No Detail Would Be Lost

Striking One-Hundred-Thousand Grade Contrast Radio

Compared to normal LCD displays, the AMOLED screen features ultra high contrast radio, which means hundredfold light/dark performance. Even when representing gradations and details like the deep starry sky, it is able to bring you immersive experience easily.

Virtually 0nit True Black

Brighter Highlight, Darker Shadow

The regular LCD requires backlight and color film to work, i.e. it represents colors by controlling the white light from backlight layer to pass through the color film, and generally there's so called light-leak issue.

Unlike LCD, the AMOLED features active emissive technology, each pixel on the AMOLED will light up by itself like a firefly, or turn off completely, to create brighter highlight or true black shadow, while retaining rich details.

Touch Control


1) up to 10-points touch, depending on the operating system. 2) up to 6H hardness toughened glass panel. 3) fully laminated screen, better display experience, dust-proof.

Audio Feature

Appearance And Dimensions

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