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HDMI to HDMI Cable to Connect Raspberry Pi to a TV

posted on 30/03/2018

My first interaction with CrazyPi - a really wonderful experience - keep it going great Keshav and Team !!!

posted on 15/06/2016

Works fine out of the box. Bit long for me though as I fix my Pi on the back side of my monitor.

posted on 25/03/2014

Great job.

posted on 17/12/2013

Very good service and product. Satisfied...

posted on 23/10/2013

This cable worked perfectly with my R-pi and Samsung LCD TV. Though, I do not plan to use the HDMI connection every time, as I am OK with VNC or SSH (remote connections).

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HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi

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  • ₹230.00

Tags: HDMI

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