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CrazySwitch – WiFi enabled Home Automation A WiFi enabl...

CrazySwitch – WiFi enabled Home Automation

A WiFi enabled Relay coupled with Raspberry Pi enables to operate Lights/any other appliances using mobile phone from anywhere  any-time. Home automation is the trending technology, it is the first step towards buzzing word IoT (Internet of Things) where every device has an IP address and can be accessed remotely.

CrazySwitch is Powered by HomeGinie open source home automation application. HomeGinie Android and Windows Mobile application enables users to operate home appliances remotely from anywhere. 

  • WiFi enabled
  • Works with Raspberry Pi and any other single board computers
  • Powered by open source HomeGenie home automation application
  • Mobile app for Android and Windows App
  • Accessible using any web browser
  • Can automate a single point and can be extend to any number of points as and when required
  • Can use with AC-240Volts or DC voltages such as 12V / 24V / 48V

How does it works?

HomeGenie server loaded on Raspberry Pi talks to CrazySwitch over WiFi. Raspberry Pi connected through wired network gets access to internet. Mobile phones loaded with HomeGenie app can talk to HomeGenie server using local WiFi when you are at home, otherwise using internet when you are outside.


How to install the product ?

You can download the Quick User Guide using the following link :


How many “CrazySwitch” devices do I need to buy? 

Each point (or appliance) requires a seperate CrazySwitch. For example to automate 3 light points, you need 3 pieces of CrazySwitch. If you want to automate only one light, you just need to buy only one CrazySwitch.

How many “CrazySwitch” devices can a pair with single Raspberry Pi?

Each CrazySwitch aquires a separate IP address. Upto 254 CrazySwitch devices can be paired with 1 Raspberry Pi.

To operate the appliances do I need internet when I am at home?

You don’t need internet when you are at home. Just through your home WiFi router you get access to the Raspberry Pi to operate the appliances.


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